Sweet Dreams, Zaza

Zaza 1

Sweet Dreams, Zaza by author/illustrator Mylo Freeman

Age Range: 2 – 5 years

Publisher: Clavis

Publication Date: September 24, 2019

This picture book begins with a little girl named Zaza sitting on her bed with her five wide awake stuffed animals. Since it is bedtime, Zaza places each toy in its bed where it closes eyes. Zaza caps the experience with an endearing pat, lullaby, cuddle etc.  When it is Zaza’s turn for bed, her mother appears and shares those same forms of affection with her. Illustrations are vivid and are displayed on opposite pages from the text. Pages are thick and glossy. Sewn pages instead of glued ones gives this book a nice nostalgic feel.



Henry and Bea

H and B 2

Henry and Bea by author/illustrator Jessixa Bagley

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

Publisher: Neal Porter Books

Publication Date: October 29, 2019

A sudden wedge between two friends is created when Henry’s cat, a pet that was like a family member, dies. Instead of turning to his close friend Bea for support, he isolates himself from her. He is depressed. Bea feels confused. Up until this event, she and Henry were close friends. A found cat collar is overwhelming for Henry. He can no longer keep his feelings inside and confides in Bea. He learns to trust his friendship with Bea at a time when he is vulnerable. Illustrations are great for showing contrast in Henry and Bea’s relationship before and after his cat’s death. A good picture book to generate conversations about friendship and loss.


In Search of the Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread man

In Search of the Gingerbread Man by author/illustrator Timi Bliss with a contribution by Chef Michelle Gayer

Publisher: Independently Published

Publication Date: August 1, 2019

In this rhyming picture book, a girl named Charlie accompanies her mother to a bakery called the Salty Tart. Charlie and her mother assist Chef Michelle Gayer in making gingerbread cookies. The story becomes a mystery when a cookie escapes the kitchen. Children will eagerly turn pages or listen intently to the reader as they follow clues then learn the gingerbread man’s motive for leaving the bakery. Illustrations are colorful with characters that portray a variety of societal  roles. My Book Eyes finds this book ideal for children 2 – 8 years of age with the younger end being captivated by the story and illustrations and the older end enjoying following the included recipes for cookies and icing.


ABC What Can He Be?

what can he be 1 (1)tv

ABC What Can He Be? by author Sugar Snap Studio and author/illustrator Jessie Ford

Age Range: 2 – 5 years

Publisher: Walter Foster Jr.

Publication Date: September 3, 2019

This board book is organized similarly to its companion ABC What Can She Be? by author Sugar Snap Studio and author/illustrator Jessie Ford.  On each page there is an alphabet letter, career name and description, and illustration of a boy in his professional environment. Four job titles in this book are the same job titles that are in  the girl’s book however twenty two titles are not commonly seen  and are interesting to read about.  For example, karate instructor, urban planner and xenobiologist.  Professions not typically associated with males are depicted i.e. ballet dancer, yoga instructor, and nurse. Vocations typically associated with males are also shown i.e. carpenter, police officer and welder. While the book focuses on boys in these fields of course females are competently performing these same jobs in society also.  Illustrations  are inviting and  appropriate for this age range.

ABC What Can She Be?

what can she be 1ABC What Can She Be? by author Sugar Snap Studio and author/illustrator Jessie Ford

Age Range: 2 – 5 years

Publisher: Walter Foster Jr.

Publication Date: October 2, 2018

In this board book each page depicts an alphabet letter, career name and description as well as  an  illustration of  the professional in her  habitat. Many occupations shown in this book have not been viewed by My Book Eyes in children’s books for this age level. For example, keyboardist, quantum physicist, UN ambassador to name a few. Jobs not typically associated with females are shown i.e. firefighter, referee and mechanic. There are also careers typically associated with females such as hair stylist, teacher, and librarian. While this book focuses on girls in vocations of course males  perform these same jobs in society.  Four careers in this book can be found in the companion book, ABC What Can He Be? by Sugar Snap Studio and Jessie Ford. Illustrations are upbeat and appropriate for this age range.

The Thank You Letter

thank you letter

The Thank You Letter by author/illustrator Jane Cabrera

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

Publisher: Holiday House

Publication Date: October 29, 2019

A child named Grace has a costume birthday party. Afterwards, as people often do, Grace writes thank yous to those who thoughtfully gave her gifts. She realizes that she has many reasons to be thankful to people and things in her life and wants to show her gratitude. Illustrated costumes in this picture book are adorable.  Often people have  warm feelings when writing and receiving thank you letters. They are a nice way of cheering up someone’s day. Getting children to write thank you letters not only shows gratitude but is also a great way to practice penmanship.

Happy Halloween Pirates!

Happy halloween

Happy Halloween Pirates! by author W. Harry Kim and illustrator Inna Chernyak

Age Range: 3 – 7 years

Publisher: Clever Publishing

Publication Date: August 13, 2019

In this rhyming board book, pirates are invited to a Halloween party. They think about costumes to wear. The reader can generate discussions about past costumes worn and/or costumes to be worn. There are flaps to lift which unveil surprises. This feature can encourage turn taking if read to a group of children. Illustrations are colorful and invite youngsters to read on. Good book to read as a precursor or during a Halloween party. The sturdiness of the book will ensure that it can be pulled off the shelf and read for years to come.

Zip! Zoom! On a Broom


Zip! Zoom! On a Broom by author Teri Sloat and illustrator Rosalinde Bonnet

Age Range: 3 – 5 years

Publisher: LB Kids

Publication Date: July 2, 2019

This  rhyming board book begins with one witch flying on her broom when she encounters witches two and three. Their numbers increase to ten while they continue to  do witchy deeds like haunt and chant for just two examples. Eventually all ten decide to ride one room which is catastrophic. One by one they leave the broom in different ways until only one witch is left. A Halloween way to reinforce counting skills for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Illustrations are appropriate and give children more to count than witches on some pages i.e. skeletons and spiders.




Beneath the Bed and Other Scary Stories

51H9NA3HUFL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)

Beneath the Bed and Other Scary Stories by author Max Brallier and illustrator Letizia Ruegni

Age Range: 5 – 7 years

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Publication Date: September 3, 2019

Five eerie stories are in this early chapter book. These short tales are bone chilling enough to appeal to older reluctant or struggling readers in addition to the age range mentioned above. Illustrations frequently support the ghastliness. Good stories for those looking for a startle anytime.